Wednesday, March 31, 2010


dunno wat to write, hmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmm..
1st thing 1st, I wanna say sorry to my parents for the past few weeks i keep went out of no reason, make u both worry, i m so sorry.. tat was my relationship problem, so maybe this is my growing process tat have to go through by myself, it takes time, maybe still have several goes to the bad ones b4 i meet the true love..  i'll settle, dun worry, juz be faith to me.. juz let me to be independent.. i promise once i meet the real one i'll bring bak home, n i wont dissapointed both of u, i will keep on require a better one! 
btw, i started to chat with some of my online stranger nowadays, i discover smtg, y nowadays guys are so damn freaking annoying..EVERYDAY keep asking the same question, wat u doin ar? eat lunch d ma?eat wat ar? full ma? today happy ma? later go where ar, can come out anot ar? fong gong lo, dun wan go bak still, somemore some will talk abt their old grandfather stories, i was like=.=||| make me wanna faint soon, dun u feel tat this kind of stupid question juz will annoy people.. i answer once enuf d lo, still asking everyday, lol...
goin to april soon, is a very busy week for me tho, hopefully i can handle everything in office, god bless me.. n thanks god still got christine n steven beside me..:) is fun la when working with them, at least not tat stress as some super big company, for those of my frens who entered the big company i really feel pity to them, everyday OT, somemore deadline, the worst is when the time facing boss n client n wat if sometimes get rejected of our work? aiks being a designer is not easy..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and end with a teardrops.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey peeps, i found tat whenever u feel unhappy, lost, moody maybe u can try this..
i just tried out in this early morning.. i drove out without any direction, juz keep move forward n forward, with full tank of petrol, with some old school songs, with a brain tat full of some random thoughts, need not to bother everything, but until i reached somewhere else tat i really couldnt move forward juz make a u-turn then finally i reached my destination tats wat a place i never never think to reach there..while driving, i think a lot, this is juz a truth same as wat we will go thru when we r growing up, ya, it seems work and it really comfort me a lot, coz i dun wanna keep complain with my frens, i feel like cooling down alone..
Or maybe can try to watch movie alone, maybe its help.. tats wat my BFF said to me..i will try it somedays or maybe soon..
but it will become worst when u r alone at night, keep awake in the middle of night, not becoz of cnt sleep well, sometimes maybe will keep awake by some stupid nightmares, this feeling is the worst moment tat i have to pass thru..god bless me anyway..
i was wondering this few days, if he never did tat to me, maybe i will pass his birthday with him, but it d become the truth, i cnt do anything anymore, he d get wat he wants, wat i do for him he wont be bother anymore.. i guess if now i m standing in front of him, he oso cnt see me..he always say tat he love me more than anything, so now izzit the way he prove to me or showing tat he love me , wat a bullshit! so the answer is i m too naive to believe..i always say tat love cnt juz say thru by mouth, but too bad he cnt absorb wat i said.. he knew wat i said to him was not really wat i thought, girls r like tat wat, but y he want to hurt me again n againn again! i m not as strong as wat he thought okay, i will oso get collapse u know.. i never say doesnt means i dnt care, actually i very mind tat wat he've done.. its not fair, maybe its fair to her but not me.. but anyway, this feeling is worst than break up with someone or anything he've done.. i will try my very best to forget, coz i d promise someone, hope tat i really can do it~

Sunday, March 14, 2010

a night with my family..

exhausted n tired week, although is my semester break, but it seems like everything goes wrong in this week.. i did tried to call my frens out but all seems like busy working or studying.. so end up i did nothing in this week..
today is my last day n have to work hard for tomorrow onwards, hopefully everything will go smoothly. now i really wanna free myself from the condition of doubt 1st ,and hopefully i can adapt myself very very soon, anyway cheers to myself!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010








你要知道,假若她不喜欢你,你根本就没有本事让她哭泣,让她即使生气也 不会超过2天。 




于是,你们总是莫名其妙的彼此错过,也许擦身而过,本身就是一种悲伤着 的无奈与幸福。 



因为她喜欢你,所以她才会生你的气;而又因为喜欢你,她才不会去生气很 久。 

你可知道,每个女孩子的心都是水晶做的,晶莹剔透,但是很容易就碰伤摔 碎。 

你可知道,每个女孩子都是不设防的,你那么轻易就闯进她的心,走的时候 却只留下伤害。 

她从来都不知道,这个世界上根本没有可以让她哭的人,因为真正值得她哭 的那个根本舍不得让她哭。 

她会很矜持,她会很骄傲,她会很冷淡,她总是嘴里说着你走开,心里却一 直叫你留下。


如果你喜欢她,请你多陪她;如果你喜欢她,请你多宠她;如果你喜欢她, 请你多让她。 




你爱她,她爱你,如此就已经足够。不要试图让彼此的伤害,让彼此更加脆 弱悲伤。 




越是安静战火就越传,这是冷战也是彼此的伤害——无论是怎么的复合,那 些伤口曾经存在,抹不去。 



请记住,相爱的人不要轻易宣战,因为冷战带来的伤害,超出你的预计。 也 请记住,只要你喜欢她,没有什么是你接受不了的,只要你喜欢她,就喜欢 她的一切一切。 


也请记住,她喜欢你,她需要的不是你真的转身,她嘴里说着的也不是她的 真心话。 


Thursday, March 4, 2010

is tat a fact tat i have to accept..
i d told myself on the very beginning, y i m still so naive to believe.
love cnt just say thru by mouth, did u ever take action, or maybe u just think for another way to solve it. like now? who knows..
do u ever know tat every single words u told me now d become somehow call fake. maybe u never feel tat coz love is spinning all around ur head now.. a week b4 u wrote tat how u love a girl, mention tat u really can fall into her, wth within a week u couple with another gal, it's ridiculous u know..
To be frank, i never find u coz i wan u to know, i hope after u left me u will study hard, work hard, find out the route u suppose to go thru, escape ur so call life now, i wish u can find a better one after u success tats y i choose to leave, but i m wrong, u will never understand wat i did is good for u anyway. 
if i got chance to meet this guy again, i willing to ask him, ''Do u know what is really call love?''