Tuesday, June 30, 2009


SINCE i m free now, n i m spending some of my time for updating my blog now..
I felt so happy for my friends for having such a marvelous bf which can really care for them. ya, i m really happy with it.. Or maybe perhaps i m getting sick of hearing how one guy is toying with one of my friends but i not being able to change anything.. lastly i do hope all my babes cynthia, bowie, christine, chrystal, doris n MR shino happy ever after..
Heres some random pic of  my college life..
haha, is a wonderful life though.
the assistant of ALONG
our selling stuff
hand drawn recycle bag
me n chrystal n sharon
here comes sugus the visitor
our customer from ID department
chrystal  n i holding our own design badges
me, chrystal, catherine
us again
catherine chrystine, jamiins
money face
counting money
my hubby christine eating her mango
me n jamiins
last day selling..
thanks cynthia n MK for visiting our booth.. both of them were the only supporter of me since i had informed all of my friends, anyway, thanks so much, MUACKSSzZ..
here comes christine (the poser of my phone).
horror movie..
he was so damn happy that day i can see through his face..

Friday, June 19, 2009

group work marketing

Badges & Design by hand recycle bags are now being sold! Designed specially =]    
wouldnt hurt to take a moment of ur time to see products me and my group member in MIA did.   http://candies-plus-sweets.blogspot.com/   
plz support us by nxt thursday( 25th of june ) n thx so much..