Monday, December 29, 2008

Very nice night.
I was just a walk to burn my bloated feeling.
Much thanks for bringing me to this secret place.
Still wish you had a good day babe..
nice right?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Its christmas day today.
The actual day..
Well Yeah!
just another christmas but very much less quiet because I-didn't-get-to-hear-carols!
don't really have the christmas feeling today..
no present no mood too. hang over.
HEADACHE! i hate this feeling.
ooOoo.I went sanctuary too.
is nearby IKEA . nearby chin seng house, he said so, i don't know..
i met my mei yee there..
she used to be my secondary class monitor.
haha, quite a shock when i saw her.
Actually I thought will spend a wonderful christmas with my 2 bou bui there but NO WAY!
there are too too crowded and my phone kept on ringing.
WTF WTF! that stupid elvis ! why must u destroy my mood on my lovely christmas??
kept on called me to fetch you guys back but i m not the driver you know!!!
Sigh! After cynz sent me back home was already 5 something in the early morning and i still had to drive all the way to yee ling's house just to sent the baggage for the couples!
Damn Damn!''shit! my mother is going to kill me if she knows..''
Anyway, too many things happened in this christmas.
my dear bowie and cynz.
we were having our tea downstair while they guys were dancing and drunk upstair..
bowie, me , jeff

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm back. I'm back !

Ladies and gentlemen.
Kiddy and kiddo.
Wow wow wow . Yeah yeah yeah!!!
Oh yeah! I'm back from penang.
Finally? Yeah!!
hahaha, it's just a 5 days 4 night trip.
Anyway, everything was fine, and fun i guess.
Accept the jams and lost in penang, jux luckily i'm not the driver.
Quite tired too..
all day walking here and there under the sun.
1st day, 2nd, and 3rd..
I soon got so fatigue from the hotness and was thinking abt leaving the place soon n soon..
Gone were those days i could gobble char kuey teow, indian rojak, fried oyster, asam laksa, curry mee n so on....
ooOoo..that was really tasty and to me its quite big portion.
Well, i was up for it for about 5 days and it slowly creeped into the corner of my list of diet.
And do u know how suffering am i these nights. The snores of my family came here n there.. firstly was my dad n following my mother N lastly my brother..OMG OMG!! n rhythm somemore!
i really can't sleep even though i used panadol n try to cover my headache but it seem like not working larh!
I m still awake with all sort of poses trying to make myself sleep...wooott~!
Yesterday night was the worst ,until i saw the sunlight coming through from my window, my brain still functioning well and thinking lot of stuff makes me cnt sleep. Damn damn damn!!!
Anyway, thanks  for ur support Chin Seng! You're my great listener , thought you said be my listener is your pleasure rite?? haha..
Ya ya ya, time can prove everything. And remember your souvenir ya, and oso a meal u had promise...u juz update me ya when u're bak..

1st day wth my brother at KFC..
at gurney food stall.
Oops, wat u doing there my dear?
the hair drier fault!
wtf! wtf!
its suck in my hair.

on the 3rd day..
at toy museum..
erm quite satisfied i can went i..
coz a lot of my favorite..

the toilet inside there.

3rd day also..
indian rojak..
my favorite there..

last day, last night..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


what the hell!!
i am falling in love..
i was literal shock and couldn't let myself believe..
i found it! I really had found it!!
this was the feeling i never had since 2 years ago..
i felt really happy when with him , curious to know abt his life..
perfect timing..
i felt embraced, cared and comforted when wth him even 1 min..
Fate? maybe? but, didn't work out back then
It sort of rekindled..
i guess it's a little different now..
For him..
forget abt it..
we met on the wrong timing..
this kind of relationship wnt be lasted..
if 4 u guys which 1 u will chose??

 or  ???

Monday, December 15, 2008

i wanna fly like a bird.
i just dun like staying home lately.
maybe is because i m at the stress where i just wanna roar free and get all the freedom i want.
In fact, i m always looking for places to go and friends to go with..
But, the problem is..
they seem like very very busy..
until 2day when i was concentrated walking btw crowd..
n i found out i m really outdated of fashion..
so fr now on..
i will use time wisely to go out! go out! n go out!

till then!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


yesterday night i find him to fulfill the promise previously..
coz i really wanna settle everything before i go 4 my holiday..
n i found out ,
abt him i really , really dunno how to mention abt it..
or i can say is he really !!!!!!!!!!!!!
his attitude really really SUCKS!
wat i could say is he will find u when he was free or he feel good to find u tat time..
after tat,when u find him, then u will find out he will act like himself very important,
many gals quarrel to date him out n so on..
it just make the good imagination of him in my mine all gone..gone..
really cnt tahan him..
why the world will take in an orphan on this kind of guy..
not fair at all, rite?
i m so dissapointted..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


really dunno how to describe my feeling now..
happy ?nervous ? expect ?
but, i m really happy u could come bak kl n find me..
at first i thought u juz had a simple c- chating wth me then will be going off in anytime..
but i really cnt imagine u really called me out yum cha..
i felt very touching not bcoz of u called me out at midnight but was u told me how u felt nervous of dating me out..haha..
u was thinking too too much, actually i m very cin chai 1..
i oso wanna to thanks u ..
actually i found out is very interesting to talk to u
n i oso wish u stay at kl but i really no tat authority to make u stay bak..
i m very happy yesterday u came bak n accompanied me..
thanks n appreciate a lot..

Monday, December 8, 2008

printing my final poster ~

spending our time printing poster..
felt bored n playing there..
my DTP poster..
         this was my mid n final term drawing..

my holiday

finally is my holiday!
WUHO! my lovely semester break..
wondering how was my results? i dnt wanna fail it or retake it especially history of gd..
at here, i wanna thanks to my frens who help me, accompanied me while i doing assignment..
thanks 4 crissy, zhiwen, yang ming and stupid turtle steve..
since he din help me anything on my assignment, but he had accompanied me c- chatting the whole night to make me not too sleepy..
THANKS 4 u guys..!i am very appreciate abt it..
anyhow, heres my photo on zoo negara shot..