Wednesday, August 19, 2009


now only i realize i m on the dying stage..
and yet i still wasting time around like nothing..
juz left 3 more weeks is my final asses again...
  • GD, chapter 1 not yet finish, and i still need to continue to chapter 5, classwork somemore..
  • PACKAGING, this time we r using some raw & recycle materials which r quite new for me.. not like the previous class, juz think idea n pay money for the shop, now we need handmade..=.=''
  • TYPO, lecturer said we r the slowest class since we r still doin the cut n paste workshop which our senior d done by mid term..
  • FLASH, this is my scariest & worst subject.. i swear i damn slow to understand wat lecturer had taught.. n now still left 3 weeks to finish 1 website... i think i still hanging around at the 1st n 2nd class time length there, aiks.........
  • ADVERTISING, this subject no nid to worry abt but then still headache!!!

3 WEEKS ARGH!!!!!!! HOW!!!!!????
how to finish these by 3 weeks?????
somemore my cousin coming down from australia next week, i sure nid to accompany her, be her driver whole week... that means i juz left 2 WEEKS!!!!??

Sunday, August 16, 2009