Wednesday, March 31, 2010


dunno wat to write, hmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmm..
1st thing 1st, I wanna say sorry to my parents for the past few weeks i keep went out of no reason, make u both worry, i m so sorry.. tat was my relationship problem, so maybe this is my growing process tat have to go through by myself, it takes time, maybe still have several goes to the bad ones b4 i meet the true love..  i'll settle, dun worry, juz be faith to me.. juz let me to be independent.. i promise once i meet the real one i'll bring bak home, n i wont dissapointed both of u, i will keep on require a better one! 
btw, i started to chat with some of my online stranger nowadays, i discover smtg, y nowadays guys are so damn freaking annoying..EVERYDAY keep asking the same question, wat u doin ar? eat lunch d ma?eat wat ar? full ma? today happy ma? later go where ar, can come out anot ar? fong gong lo, dun wan go bak still, somemore some will talk abt their old grandfather stories, i was like=.=||| make me wanna faint soon, dun u feel tat this kind of stupid question juz will annoy people.. i answer once enuf d lo, still asking everyday, lol...
goin to april soon, is a very busy week for me tho, hopefully i can handle everything in office, god bless me.. n thanks god still got christine n steven beside me..:) is fun la when working with them, at least not tat stress as some super big company, for those of my frens who entered the big company i really feel pity to them, everyday OT, somemore deadline, the worst is when the time facing boss n client n wat if sometimes get rejected of our work? aiks being a designer is not easy..

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